Mercedes Benz commercial.


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Sep 8, 2005
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Oslo Rooock City
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.. Not really. Took some junk shots last week - here are a couple.


Oh, cool. I really, really like the first. That blue is so --- lovely. And the rust just goes so well with it.
I doubt they would want these for their commercials, though ;)
But I like them.
Do you happen to have a photo of the entire car?
Thank you, Corinna. I agree that the blue "makes" the first one.

No, I don't. Actually, me and my girlfriend were driving around, looking for a place to stop the car and photgraph a little, and we found like 30 abandonned cars in the end of a small road. We didn't know whether it was legal to shoot there, so we drove away pretty quick, before anyone came. I will go back there alone as soon as I get these exams overwith, and then I can try to shoot the entire car.

Your comment are anyway highly appreciated.
First one is really striking... bold colors and shapes.. very abstract like.

the second one is good too... I like the DOF. Enough to determine what is printed but not so much that it screams the name.

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