Mercury Enduro Racecar


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Apr 1, 2013
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Beeton, ON
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Took this photo of a buddies Enduro car at the end of his season. Input & comments would be appreciated.
Keep in mind this is only my second attempt at a HDR image...:thumbup:

I like the subject matter but your processing needs some work. The sky is just wrong and the haloing is too much too. But its your second one and looked better than my first few tries at this HDR stuff. keep it going and you will get better.
I barely noticed the sky at all, its such a small part of the picture. Although I am not a fan of the overcooked HDR, it works with this image.

Agree on the halo, but that would be an easy fix.

I like the over cook, it works with the contrasted blue and yellow. Bright, strong, in your face.
Thanks all, I really like how this one turned out....really brings out the dents and tire marks.

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