Met Mark Wallace yesterday


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Sep 13, 2012
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Tempe, AZ
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We are both from Phoenix and I have been randomly busy every time they host workshops or classes. Then just a couple days ago he posted a local meetup at a coffee shop. I have seen so many of his instructional videos on YouTube and to be able to sit down in a small group and just chat was really cool. I hopefully will get to participate in a workshop or camp someday but it was nice just to meet someone who has helped me so much without even knowing.

Couple links in case you are unfamiliar


Mark Wallace from Adorama Learning Center
Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace - YouTube
Yeah, I've seen many of his videos. Seems like a nice guy. Very energetic!

What I didn't know about him is how compassionate he is. He kept going back to wanting to help the less fortunate, using photography for a cause, stuff like that.

It was nice to see someone putting in real work and effort to make things better for others.

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