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May 26, 2006
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British Columbia
I'm currently working on a proposal for our Aerial photography company to convert from Medium format film, to a full frame DSLR. It's not the resolution I am concerned about in this thread so lets not get into the MF>DIGITAL discussion again :) What I need to know is the Equivelent focal length conversion factor ("crop" factor) for MF to 35mm. Currently we use a Hasselblad MK70, with a Zeiss 100mm lens, vertically mounted in the bottom of our Cessna, with a CC television camera mounted next to it to see the target through an LCD monitor in the dash. It costs us about $4.20 per exposure (Film, Processing, Prints and scanned) The prints end up in several large storage units in the basement and the scans are sent to clients. A digital camera would cut the cost per exposure to $0.03-$0.06 and the processing time would be cut down from a week (They don't develope 80 exposure 120 film here, have to mail it out) to a couple fo minutes.... The only thing the boss is concerned with is the cameras field of view, If the field of view is smaller, We have to fly higher to cover the same area and fuel is more expensive than film! The distortion that the equivelent 35mm lens would produce is not a concern, we have corrective software for that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Sep 30, 2006
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A 100mm lens on a 6X6 medium format camera is just a touch longer than normal. The equivalent in 35mm (or full frame DSLR) would be 60mm. A 50 would be close enough and allow you to fly lower.

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