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Discussion in 'The Professional Gallery' started by CHRISTIAN2170, Jun 18, 2006.

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    she is an old friend of mine, mi 1st "model" at the time :sexywink:
    I've never liked the tipical over-lighted pictures of faces, so....I did the opposite thing, i went darker


    any advices for taking pictures like this..are welcome (shutter speed, exposition time and that kind of stuff)

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    I like the soft, smooth light you used, and nice framing.

    A lot depends on the look you are going for. For me, she looks rather cold. If you are going for the goth/death kind of look, then I would just boost the contrast a bit. For my own taste, I would use levels to move the white point from 255 to 225, which both brightens it a little and boosts the contrast. Then I would add +20 red and +10 using color balance. I'd probably have to come back and mess with the color balance again, since I don't usually get it right on the first time.

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