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Jun 27, 2003
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guess i've been here for about two weeks thus far .. i posted my intro in the general section before they had this section ... so i will do it officially now :p

im a happily married 30 yr old house-wife (did i just tell you my age :shock: ) ... no children yet (although im putting the squeeze on him :roll: ) i've always loved having my picture taken and my hubby was the photographer .... now im interested in being behind the camera ... he taught me everything that i know from start to finish ....he's my mentor (he doesnt post on the forums)

i've only been shooting for about one month now and its great!!! :D ... i have my hubby's hand-me-down Olympus 2500L digital camera ... he says, when i get good enough, he will step it up a notch *pouting* ... i said, "well, i have an advantage ... im a house-wife, i got more time on my hands." 8)
Hey Dew,

I can't believe you said you had more time on your hands because you're a housewife!!! That must be a world wide first!!!! :)

I'm jealous too, in regards to having a live in teacher/mentor. Not many people would be that lucky (no pun there). I don't think it will be long before he has to upgrade your camera 'cause you have a good style, and your subject presentation is great.

Keep up the good work and keep posting piccies.
well, sure i got stuff to do ... but i get a lot of time to practice :)

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