Mini-pinhole rig.


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Jan 26, 2006
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Tottenville, Staten Island, NYC USA
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I've happened upon an old 35mm camera body originally designed for use with a microscope. The fp shutter includes a 'T' function. Over the next few days I'll fit the connecting tube [intended for body to eyepiece] with a pinhole and run some film through the rig.

The small film area will force me to select subjects with a strong sense of form in the composition, I should think. Taking the inevitable blur of an enlargement to 5"x7" into account the images will be, er, different -- if nothing else.

I'm smiling as I think of this as a counter-culture response to the drive for ever-sharper images now in vogue in the world of modern digital camera development.
April 26th is World Pinhole Day. Our April issue is going to be dedicated to pinhole photography and is pretty much put together. I make 35mm pinhole cameras from matchboxes and I have laid it out in a step by step manner.

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