Minimal Agitation


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Oct 31, 2007
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I read about this in The Darkroom Cookbook, 3rd edition. What you do is: add 50% to the dev time, then agitate continuously for the first minute, then 10 seconds every 3 minutes after that. I have to say, it's been working great for me.

Anyone else doing this?
Never tried that 'recipe', but then there are just about as many variations on developing time & temp and agitation methods as there are rolls of film....
I can't really put it into words, but it seems that something beneficial is happening compared to "regular" agitation.

Like, say your normal time is 10 minutes - you just extend that to 15 and agitate less. Sort of like getting the benefits of stand developing without having to wait an hour for it.
Finaly someone else discovered the benefits of minimal agitation. It improves two aspects: compensation and acutation. Try this: develop for 55-60% of normal time, drain the developer and without rinsing put for 3 min stand into solution of borax or sodium carbonate. I also use sodium metaborate for T-grain films or with glycin based developers. Classic combo: HC110 1+49 20C 5'45" and 3' in borax (at least 10 g per 1 litre ) 20C stand for Kodak TX.

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