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Dec 11, 2005
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Vero beach, Fla
I have this camera And I'm trying to photo my wife with the ocean as the back drop but the photos are coming out with her face dark can someone help me with the expose setting be for a image like this on this camera:

Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D Digital SLR Camera with 18-70MM lens

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3008 x 2000 Max Resolution, 6.1 megapixel Image Sensor, SD Card + MMC Storage, USB Connectivity, built-in Flash
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. Thanx A Million

The problem is that the foreground (your wife) and the background (the sea) require different exposures (i.e. the sea is brighter than your wife). So the camera is working out how to expose for the sea. The problem is that digital cameras don't have much dynamic range, that is the different levels of exposure they can get into one shot, so you can either expose for the sea OR for yur wife.

You have a few options: -
You can try to find a happy medium, keep turning the exposure compensation up bit by bit until you find both yout wife and the sea look brigt enough.
You can expose for your wife (not expose your wife mind), if your camera has a spot meter then turen that on, point your camera so your wife is directly in the middle and then press the shutter. This is likely to have the effect of making the sea VERY bright.
You can take one raw picture, use the exposure compensation in something like raw shooter to make one JPEG exposed for your wife and one exposed for the sea and then merge them together in photoshop. Tutorial here: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/digital-blending.shtml
Or you could get a film camera!

Hope this helps
Adjust the EV settings both up and down. This may help a bit, in addition, change the angle that the shot is taken at. Or wait until a different time of day. The reality of it is that if you center meter on your wife, you may be able to get a good shot with the ocean behind her. The idea is to get the brightness behind you, and try to balance out the shot.
steve817 said:
I would expose for the water and dial the flash down to -1 or possibly -2.

Yeah, I think trying to fill-flash might be a good option to try.

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