Missed shots - lesson learned

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Lol999, Dec 10, 2005.

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    This is a tale of missed opportunity. I'm prowling the town centre today, my first chance to take any pictures for ages due to ferrying wife and teenagers about. It's pretty busy with Xmas shoppers. I've only been in the area about 2 minutes and I see an old lady, far from happy, sat in a old folks motorised scooter shaking a collection tinn for charity. I make mental note of location and walk on a further 5 minutes seeing what else is available. I then walk back and she's gone:grumpy: So I do another 2 circuits of the town centre looking for her and she's nowhere. Then, I spot two old folks scooters outside a large bakers/cafe. So I stand in the cold for 45 minutes waiting for whoever it is to stop gassing and come out, and it's two totally different OAP's!! I've learned my lesson, grab it whilst it's there. Only thing that stopped me was I wasn't sure exactly how to capture her. I doubt the shot would have been an award winner anyway, and the benefits of the lesson outweigh the pain of the missed shot, but it still sucks:mrgreen:

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    Hasn't this happened to ALL of us one way or the other?
    While I usually lug my camera around with me wherever I go, on that day when the stable opposite the ALDI in the neighbouring town (all still farms here, even in town) got new pavement inside, I did not have it on me! Not that putting new pavement into a stable were in any manner interesting, or even photo-worthy. But since they apparently could not transport the new soft cement into that stable in wheelbarrows, or use a fully automatic machine, they had to carry in the cement with YOKES!

    Two buckets and YOKES on their shoulders.
    In Germany!
    That sight was sooooo rare, I have actually only that ONCE seen anyone carry any load with a YOKE on their shoulders on that very occasion.

    And what was at home?
    My camera! :roll:

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