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Mar 26, 2006
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Hi again, so that is Misty :D.
The photo is quite tiny once again ... if you resize your pics for the web, you might consider going to a 600x400 (approximately) pixel size. Those normally load well into Photobucket (though you can never be quite sure :roll: ) and stay a nice size.
You find my hints at how to directly link your pics to here in your other thread. Happy posting! :D
So I decided to also merge these two threads, just so the forums stay "tidy" and "uncluttered" (I wish I was that particular about my desk here, or the rest of the house, for that matter :roll: ;)), since they are both about the same photo, only have you now learned what size seems to be best for presentation here :D.
Your Misty is a cute dog and the little pink tongue really makes the picture. It is very difficult to photograph black animals. Although I can never find the light of an on-camera flash "perfect", I still think you did quite well here and you captured Misty in all her (?) cuteness!

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