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Mar 14, 2021
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Hello all!

Doing a study on photography quality for modeling and have some questions I need an answer for my study… Can someone help me here? Thanks!!!

· How easy is it for you to photograph models wearing clothes?

· Can you tell us a bit about the process? What do you need to tell them, etc.

· What is the most challenging part of that process and why?

· What are the main issues about NOT shooting models in a studio and shooting at someone’s house, without a professional set up?

· What is the MINIMUM equipment required for you to shoot at someone’s place, with the goal of having a good picture, but at same time, be as fast as possible?

· What is the main challenge of shooting amateur models?

· How many different full look shots would you be able to take in one hour? And in 30 mints?

· How easy is it for you to find a photography job?

· How much do you charge per hour?

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