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Nov 10, 2011
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South africa
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Hi All Can someone help me to write up a nice professional advert for advertising free testshoots. I want to post it at varsity and hopefully get some nice ladies willing to pose... It will be mainly portraits with everyday wear. But i wont mind if there is like non professional models aswell,because im not professional its my hobby. I will give the person a cd with the neccessary photos for her effort. I know its alot to ask. I was thinking something like. Free teshoots. I am looking for female models who want some new photos for her portfolio or a female who might be intersted in becomming a model and are looking for a free photoshoot.No experience needed.I am a casual photographer,who have quite a big interest in people photography.The portraits i will take wil consist of wearning everyday stylish clothes. After I have processed the photographs you will be given a cd with the photographs on. I dont mind travelling to suit the model,and the location will be outside and not in a studio. Feel free to email me @ ........
Pretty please will anyone help
Put a pic up you have taken, and which model monolight you have, and how big your umbrella is. You may get an offer.

Oh, a large watermark on the photo may help too.

Thanx alot.

Exactly what i have in mind.
Can you perhaps tell me how you will do the wording for such advert so you also include amateur models...

I searched google and found some ideas....

I would just like your contribution if you wont mind.

Thanx alot
I just tried a search for female models in South Africa, on Model Mayhem....and it came up with 405 results.
Global Mayhem...its s good thing
Reply i got from one model: "Delko i dont do TFCD shoots I i would really like to help you but my agent wont allow it"
It is possible to be a semi professional photographer or a part time professional photographer to have the same work but not making a living out of it but rather for enjoyment...
What about asking friends & family?
Reply i got from one model: "Delko i dont do TFCD shoots I i would really like to help you but my agent wont allow it"

Don't feel bad, I have to beg a little girl's Barbie sometimes just to play with new lighting and such!

The other one agreed to doing tfcd but requests a make up artist....

Lol this is not easy...

But have made some progress....

Less experienced models i guess will be easier to bull**** into posing for a rookie like myself...
Reply i got from one model: "Delko i dont do TFCD shoots I i would really like to help you but my agent wont allow it"

That was a nice way for her to let you down. 99.9% of models on MM are not agency represented. The mere mention of "Agent" in an MM email generally means Sluggo (boyfriend, pimp, controlling photographer, etc) so consider yourself lucky. Agency repped models will generally state that on their profile along with any specific instructions on how to shoot with her. On another forum, I recently wrote a post about how I go about finding quality models with an almost zero flake rate. I'm like you- a serious hobbiest who wants to learn the craft to its fullest.

In short, for initial portfolio building consider paying a model for their time. No, I'm not on crack. I really did say pay a model. Here's why: if you're just starting out, you're not going to have a portfolio strong enough to attract a quality model for TF. Instead, you're going to attract 5 foot nothing models with belly flab and acne with zero posing experience. These are models who cater to the GWC crowd and have images of themselves in last summers lime-green bikini in front of a wrinkled black sheet. I know what you're gonna say- "this is just for fun". True. But if you're serious enough to put out castings, then this is more than a shoot for fun scenario (that's what parents are for). For me, I paid several models in the beginning. My return was models who knew how to prepare for a shoot, comfortable in front of the camera and had "it". In monetary terms, had I fiddled with hack models, the time spent driving, preparing, processing, etc would've outweighed paying someone $75 for two hours by far. All you need are 5 or 6 good images to start getting TF offers.

Just my two pennies worth. There's many avenues to do this.

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