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Jul 27, 2004
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Brooklin, Ontario, Canuckia
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Despite amazing sunshine and driving over 500km I only managed to take about 50 images. I headed to Algonquin Park where most of the Lakes are still frozen and migration has not really started. From there I went to Barry’s Bay and Bancroft but saw a lack of old barns and landscapes to take. It was a great day and I was ready to shoot but saw very few scenes that motivated me to shoot.

Early in the trip I came across four Deer that got my hopes up but this is the best I could get. I saw deer on four different occasions but was not able to get any better shots.


A scene from Algonquin

Then it was off to Barry’s Bay to see a memorial to one of Canada’s most famous flight test pilots.


A nice place I decided to stop for a break and a little walk.

As you can see I had the roads to myself, it was great.

An old Steam Engine in perfect light at Haliburton.

Well, that is about it. We have high clouds today with not as good of light but I hope for better shooting.

cool series, the road one with the water to the right is my fav, great composition :thumbup:
Excellent captures Airic. Tough to pic a fave here. Nicely done!!
Great series as always Eric, my fave here is the first shot of the deer and the road shot.
nice series eric, looks like you are having a good time... :thumbup:
Look forward to your daily reports, Airic! I especially like the Algonquin scene, and the pic of the place you took your break. Keep on snapping and posting.
Thanks everyone. Man, this is so much better then work. Just thought I would check in before dinner. My next post will be in the general gallery as I did not shoot any wildlife or scenery today. Went to Base Borden and shot aircraft.

Time for another beer. Cheers!

AIRIC said:
BTW, I hate dial-up, way to slow for me :( I can't open to many posts as they take so long.
Welcome to my world. Your posts are always worth the wait, though.
Nice series bro, where are the Moose, the bears, the pileated woodpeckers, the Algonquin sunsets and sunrise. I love the Highway shot, and you even took a LaFoto Deer shot!

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