Mont Blanc

Discussion in 'Critique Forum Archives' started by meotter, Mar 16, 2005.

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    Taken in Chamonix France, and it's a horrible violation of the rule of thirds, but i can't really figure out a way to crop it w/o having that smaller tree bit ruin the rest of the picture.


    comments for improvement?

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    I kinda like it. Except for the bird. I think the tree helps show just how big those mountains are. No matter where you look, those huge mountains are always in your face.
    I like the clouds coming across and I like the washed out colours of the mountains and the rich sky.
    I'd probably try and find a nicer looking tree, with either more or less snow on it, no bird and taking up a bit less space in the pic and then you're on to a winner in my opinion.

    I have a few photos of Mont Blanc and none of mine do it justice. I just can't get enough of the mountain in the shot. They're too big.

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