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Feb 16, 2006
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I guess it's odd that I've always been interested in birds, but have little interest in photographing them. Or perhaps it isn't - I like photographing churches but don't attend one! Maybe I'm just contrary.

This nesting moorhen, untypically, was nesting in the open, so an easy shot. For more info go to

A nice the colors and clarity!
For not liking to photograh birds, you do very well at it!
Nice shot Tony, I can say that I have never seen such a bird, and you have captured it very nicely., a little more exposure would bring out the eye, and it could be helped with the shadow/highlight tool in PS. With your permission I will give it a try.
Permission granted Raymond - tweak away!

Thanks Tony.. My simple minded thing suggests that the creative process of photography dosen't end at the click of the shutter., I enjoy the tweaking process, and I hope by doing this to your photo, you are not offended.

Of course, having the original file would have made my work more productive, but here is what I was able to do with your shot in about 5 minutes.. I know for sure Digital Matt would have done better!

I did buy a PS CS book/instruction guide today, I should have read it before working with your shot!

More detail in the eye certainly improves the shot Raymond - it gives more emphasis to the bird's head. Thanks for the effort and interest you put in.


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