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Feb 26, 2006
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very nice!

All of them are! :thumbup:

great to see you posting again... oh, just to remind you... I told you you'd be back! :p
I am in love with that first one. The contrast is just perfect!
the colors in the other two are fantastic, though I would suggest cloning out the red and blue sopts on the kids face :)

Nice work! I want to go to Brazil now.
Thanks Chris :) I had to come back just for critiques...can't get better advice from anywhere else... even at school...
#2 is very yer compo there :D
I like the tones in the first ...especially on the foot. i just find the blown out area too distracting. The composition is not quite strong enough tho to hold it together IMO. t's got potential but I'm feeling there is too much leaf in the shot. Maybe if the FG was even more OOF.

cute kid and good exposure...find the hat brim to be cutting the pic in half unfortunately
Thanks Joe :) I wondered if the dots on the kid (from paint) needed to be taken out...

Thanks for the suggestions JonK. I am have the same problem with the blown areas on the foot....and I'm working on fixing it...just having trouble with it. The original composition on this one actually has both feet in the shot...but the entire left side of it I cropped off b/c there was nothing working with the lighting and I enjoyed the contrasts with just the foot on the right....I'll play with the crops some more and see what I come up with :)

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