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Jun 6, 2006
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The last ones seemed to go over okay, so I thought I'd post a few more. The first three are from a high-based supercell and wallcloud down in central Kansas on April 23rd. (You can see the RFD at right in the second photo -- that big white hole in the clouds where the sun is coming in.) The last shot is looking at the back end of a soon-to-be tornadic supercell in northcentral Kansas on April 6th. Fun times! :) The EXIF data should be embedded in all of the shots, if you want to know the settings. The lens is the Canon EF-S 10-22 superwide, a lens I'm growing to love. :)





Another great set. I LOVE the distortion of that lens. Some people hate it and try to correct it, not me. I like how it appears that the storm is sucking the truck toward it. Same with the people. Keep 'em coming...........
I absolutely love these! I would love to go storm chasing, but we don't get that kind of action here. Nice work :thumbup:
Just wow!
You and wxnut get the coolest of storm photos up for us! Amazing action in that sky there! It'd frighten me so, but it is stunning to look at!
And that lens you have, no wonder you love it! Super-clear, crisp, sharp, whatever the words are for the results. (And that blue truck in the first looks nicely funny with this lens :D, and so do the people :D).
that's cool, you captured some amazing light and some awesome cloud formations... thanks for sharing these... :thumbup:

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