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Oct 2, 2005
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I planted these a few years ago.. This year they finally decided to come up! I have been keeping watch for them to bloom. To my surprise I went out and one of them was opening.. Of course I had to grab my camera.. :)





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May I go edit the title and add the missing "i"?
And hey: I am not surprised, not surprised at all, that you felt you HAD to go and take a photo of this flower. The last could have done with the smaller aperture and longer time, but I don't know if the light situation would have allowed for it. Sometimes it just doesn't...
OO Yes please add the I.. lol Woops! Got excited..

Yes I tried a smaller app.. I had this set on App. priority for that purpose.. No luck... and thanks! favorite color! I can relate to that initial glee when a long-awaited bloom reveals itself for the first time, and the need to run for the camera.

The first photo looks like it's just reaching up its petals to the sun in a long stretch as if it's just woken up from a long slumber. I like the third one, too. Congratulations on a successful planting! :)
Are your lenses not autofocus? The second one seems to be bit out of focus. That's a nice flower, though - all you need now is a pic. of an insect on them.
Hmmm The second one looks ok to me?? Yes it is autofucus.. Is it that bad?
I dont really know. I thought it would be far more crisp than that. Maybe it was just too close to the lens for it to autofocus properly. The stemen (SP?) look out of focus. It could just be me.
Hey Jophassa.. :)

For your viewing pleasure how is this?

Mmmmmmmmmm. A little more sumptuous i suppose. I must say i am the most fussy person when it comes to focusing etc. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that only the closest thing can be autofocused - i still refuse to accept it. The pictures i posted in the thread 'my walk' are not that great but they appear more crisp. just me...
Trust me I know how you are.. I am the same way with *PEOPLE* Portraits ex... I like them crisp.. NOT like very crisp, but I have some portraits with a bit of a fuzz blur.. It drives me nuts.. Just my preference though...

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