Morning Dew and Lunchtime in the Hazelbush


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Studies in green :biggrin:

Morning Dew:


Lunchtime in the Hazelbush 1:


Lunchtime in the Hazelbush 2 or Upstairs-Downstairs:


Maybe you like them?
Great pictures! I especially like the first one and the way you only put the waterdropplet part of the leave in focus...
Thanks, you two.
What fascinated about the second photo here was that I was aiming at the big bug, which was the only feeding creature I could see at the time of taking the pic, only to discover that two more fed from that poor leaf at the same time, the green one dangling in a precarious manner from its lower ridge.
I don't know what is it with you and GREEN ??

I also like number one but the little ladybird in number 3 reminds me of when I was little and there was a mass invasion of Ladybirds on the Southcoast of the UK. I was on holiday at the time and the sand just turned red with ladybirds, millions of them :lol:
I like them alot!:) Great color! I love the minimal, simple composition of the first, good eye.

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