Morning Swallow


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Jan 17, 2005
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The Tree Swallows are Home.

The feathers are really GLISTENING in the sunlight ... I don't think I have ever even seen a REAL swallow with MY OWN eyes that detailed, big and clear! Thank you! This is a lovely photo and if I were Mrs Swallow, I'd buy it from you at once and put it in a frame in my nest!!! ;)
awesome, great detail in there. Never seen a swallow from this distance. I only see them flying around fast. Always thought they were totally black. :thumbup:
Wow, sweet shot Canoncan! It's beautiful how the light is shining on the feathers and making them 'glow'.
yea brilliant light in this one picks up the colours superbly, great job :thumbup:
Wow, the lighting is perfect, nice pose to boot! I had a hard time getting shots of these guys time.
Raymond J Barlow said:
Nice Shot Peter, they do sit still for long eh?? makes things kinda urgent when you get them in your viewfinder!

Ray I went out today, with only 45 minutes allowed.:grumpy: I really wanted to get some flight shots of these. Ha Like that wil ever happen 150 shots in the air, no keepers.
Holy cow Pete. What a clear shot. Brilliant man. !!!

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