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Apr 19, 2006
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I just joined, so I'll probably lurk for a while before I do much, if any posting so I can get a feel for the group.
About me: I'm 28, a theatre lighting technician in Chicago. I'm married to TBWITWW (The Best Wife In The Whole World) and my son Aiden Thomas was born December 10, 2004, and passed away December 15, 2004.

For me, photography is currently an expensive hobby, but I keep toying with the idea of trying to make it so I can make enough money to break even (or closer to it.) Some of what I've shot is at
The page needs serious work though. My equipment consists of a Canon Elan7 and a 35-85 lens and a 70-200 lense with macro. (I'm at work at the moment so I can't double check the specifics)

I think for the shooting I do, I'd like to go digital, but as I'm already spending more than my wife is happy with, I can't really justify the money for a digital body right now.

I'm open to critiques, comments and questions, so fire away.

Welcome to TPF!!

Please feel free to use the Photo Galleries if you are looking for comments and/or serious inputs on any of your images/approach.

Enjoy your stay! :D
Welcome to TPF, enjoy your stay.
Welcome to ThePhotoForum, morydd, stay, post, talk to us, show us your pics. So sorry to hear about your little Aiden Thomas ... my first born died when he was 10 years old... 4 days, 10 years ... some parents are only granted a limited amount of time with their children. :(

Sad start into what generally is a very cheerful forum, though, as you will have found out by now. So feel encouraged to put out some of your work and "hang it up on the Gallery walls" as it were :D.
Welcome to TPF. I will echo LaFoto's words to "stay, post, talk to us, and show us your pics". Thank you for sharing Aiden's link with us. :heart: I am sorry for your loss.

Don't hold back, start posting and enjoy the forum. :)
welcome to the forum

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