most extreme thing u did to get that shot??


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Jun 27, 2003
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im curious, whats the most extreme thing u did to get the shot????

over the past few weeks, i've found myself in comprimising situations, ... approaching strange people on the street, followed people... almost passed out over the weekend from heat exhaustion trying to get "the shot" ... sitting on edges of high overpasses of a freeway, ... going to seedy areas ... late hours of the night, just to get "the shot" ....

do u go to extremes to get the shot?? ... how far would u go/have gone??
nothing yet, but i like your way of "getting the shot"!!!!!!

Hi Dew!
The worst I've ever done is risked stepping into something nasty.
It sounds as though you're trying to turn photography into an Olympic event!
You don't work for the FBI do you?

its just the way my mentor (hubby) is teaching me ... he says, "if u cant get it the way u want it .. is it worth it?"

hehehehe .. its kinda adventureous though ... i just dont want to break a nail :oops:
Dew said:

its just the way my mentor (hubby) is teaching me ...

Could it be he just can't afford a hit man?

It certainly sounds as though you're going all out to get those shots but please be careful, we like your input.
hmmmmmmm *thinking* ... u could be right :shock: ... he has been complaining about a co worker lately :lol:
You sure go to more trouble than I do, but it will pay off for you some day.

The most trouble I ever went to for a photo, was remove shoes, socks and roll my pants up above my knees to get a head on shot of a waterfall in the Smokies, and with a tripod. Those days are gone forever now.
The most outrageous thing I've done to get a shot this past month was while on roller blades I grabbed a truck's bumper to get a moving shots of it's underside and the traffic around. This was in Copenhagen Denmark and since most people are on bikes here, not cars and trucks, it wasn't as dangerous as it might be in say. Seattle where I lived before here.

Either way, the shots were crap but I learned enough to try it again soon... though the right 'truck' hasn't come along at the 'right time.'

those shots were deleted since they were complete crap but I promise you if I get some 'clean' shots of it I'll post em here. I imagine I should have a good chance sometime by this weekend but no promises!
Robert Capa as you may know was a famous war photographer who tragically died stepping on a land mine. He was fearless and it cost him his life.

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough" - Robert Capa

Well we see where that got him. He was a great photographer, but there's always a price to extremism.
I have a book about landscape photographer Dean Brown. While camping with his wife he went out for a quick hike and photoshoot. Sixteen hours later they found him crushed in a stream bed below a high cliff waterfall. Barely alive he was using all of his energy to hold his film and camera out of the water. His last words to his wife were film processing instructions. The last photos on the film in the camera were of the top of the waterfall.

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