Haha, taken out of the sunroof (I'm an illeagil daredevil haha). This was one of my least favourite shots from the weekend, but I've set my site to upload each one daily.. So I will be posting 1 every day from now on :D
Yeah, dont you hate it when youre driving and know you shouldnt be taking pics...
Great catch, nitefly... drive carefully :)
beautifully exposed... love the composition :)
thanks for sharing
At first I was thinking, too "Huh? How could he take this photo standing in the lane of a motorway, no less?" but then I thought: must have been taken while someone else (!) was driving. And I see that this was the case. Beautiful scene, perfect exposure. This looks like it was a wonderful sunset, too! I really like the sky - even a bit more than the motorway! ;)

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