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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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Last night the mrs and I saw Punch Drunk Love. I had mentioned it a couple of times at the movie store and got a cold response. I talked to a friend that recommended it, so I decided to just rent it. It was a great movie. Not typical Adam Sandler. So if you hate him (I don't), you could still enjoy this flick. :thumbsup:

Saturday night we went and saw Pirates of the Carribean. I thought it was ok at best. For me, that means it pretty much sucked. Depp was good... Keira was hot... but it had a very weak story. The special effects weren't that special. :yawn: :roll:

Up last is Spirited Away. Definately one of my all time favorites. Such a wonderful story. The animation is :shock: and the music is fantastic. Even if you're not a fan of Anime, it is still a wonderful movie.
Well the last one that I saw Donnie Darko late last week. My god its a total spinout.

I had managed to avoid the hype for it for a year or so now, and figured that it was time to finally give it a bash. So I sat myself down in my room and cranked up the sound. The first time the rabbit spoke, I nearly wet myself.

Its got several classic scenes (smurfette talk, and the f**kass conversation), which had me in stitches. However the overall tone of the movie is very dark and mysterious.

I finished watching it at about 11pm last thursday night, and having to get up at 5am for work the next day wasn't easy. This movie makes you think about the plot, and all the possible scenario's which lead to the ultimate ending. Thus I don't think I actually got to sleep till about 1am'ish.

It is already a cult movie, and I can now see why. To anyone that likes the fightclub type plot, I really suggest that you give this movie a go. Tis definitely worth it.
monsters ball over the weekend...i got sick watching that one...

count of monte cristo...AWESOME!

I have yet to see Darko but I would really like to see it. I saw it at virgin for $10 and almost bought it.

Count of monte cristo is excellent.
voodoocat said:
I have yet to see Darko but I would really like to see it. I saw it at virgin for $10 and almost bought it.
If you can, try to get the dvd version which has the directors commentary, its supposed to explain a lot. And once you have it, and understand the film, explain it to me please :)

Haven't seen Count of Monte Cristo yet, but have heard good things about it, and I soooooo agree on Monsters Ball. It was going no where, so I sorta gave up on it too :?
nukie said:
If you can, try to get the dvd version which has the directors commentary, its supposed to explain a lot.

I don't buy anything but dvd. I won't even rent a movie I want to see if they only have vhs available.
Watched Cast Away on dvd on Saturday. It was ok. The middle section with Tom Hanks alone on the island is great, but the beginning and end are just melodramatic and blah.

Saw Down with Love last week at the second run brew pub theatre. It was a lot of fun. Ewan was awesome.

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean last weekend also. Yeah, it was ok, nothing great. The "jokes" were pretty lame and tired, but I just tried to remember that it was Disney, so what do you expect... I thought Johnny Depp was fantastic though. You could just tell that he was having a blast playing his swishy little pirate.
i saw Metallica rehearsal on DVD :D ... and forgot who i was :lol:

then my hubby watched the bio of Picasso on dvd .. but i fell asleep :? .. but Pollack was great!!!!

punch drunk love is in our Netflix que
I rented two movies last weekend

Bend it like Beckham (which is a great movie BTW)


Changing Lanes (also a great movie)

2 weeks ago I saw Bruce Almighty, funny but nothing more
bend it Like Beckham is an awesome movie. Have you seen East is East BMW? I recommend it if you like Beckham. Earlier funnier Pakistani version kinda.

Im very lucky, the last film I saw was Lizzie Macguire lol
I took my lil sister to see it. Disney cheese at its best. Actually I was really dreading it but it was better than I thought because it was set in Rome so at least I got to look at pretty places hehe
Well, I'm easy to please. A movie has to really suck bad for me not to like it.
I went ans saw the recently filmed in Vancouver "Terminator-Rise of the machines" Classic Arnie. I loved it.
Saw Pirates of the Carribean last week and thought Johnny Depp was great. The guy is a great actor.
One more, Gangs of New York. Daniel Day Lewis is fantastic. Based on some actual characters with a bit of a twist.

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