mr. cool in central park


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Jul 28, 2004
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Beautiful shot! Looking good scoob! Love the tones in this!
neat one JM!!!! hey there scoob.. :)
SCOOB!!! look at you! got that G.Q. look to you! the man about town look...

awesome shot jonmikal.... i love this... and scoob, i have three teenage girls that are drooling over you, babe....
you may need to start carrying a big stick!!
hey i remember this one!
Nice one Jon. Love the reflection of the city on the water ya got behind scoob.
Great pose scoob.
Django was here! :D
Hey, it feels so good to be really and truly RECOGNISING not only the PERSON in the photo (who I now know in person, too! :D) but also the LOCATION. Seems like I have gone past that same spot in Central Park, too, only on an earlier day (Monday 3 April, to be precise).

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