MTB: The Gap


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May 11, 2006
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i know some of u like TMB here is are my buddys doing about a 20-25 foot gap
for full size click link



If it's 20-25 feet... Show it!!! It could be a 2 foot jump and I wouldn't know the difference. Show the lip and the landing next time, and try as hard as possible not to get an ass shot angle. It looks like you showed ht lip and landing in the second one, but it doesn't look big at all.
i know it was hard to get a good pistion of the gap,

ya its because its down a hill and it gives it the illision, here a pic of the gap its a pretty big,

note that u cant see the landing

the landing is like about 3-4 feet past the pic


Whenever you shoot a gap or a jump get down low, Keep your horizon low and choose your background carefully. It'll make the rider look like he's going bigger the he really is. In this shot my buddy Sean was only a couple feet above the lip of the jump but because of the depth of the background it looks like he's been falling forever. Looks like a fun gapper though. Keep on Givin' er!
Tell your friend to try to push down on the toptube with his knee more on the tabletop and to try and kick himself in the butt.
/\/\ this was during skool , he dose some better tables at his place

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