Muana Kea Sunset


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Oct 9, 2011
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Concinnati, Ohio
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Muana Kea Sunset 2 by andy.holbert, on Flickr

This is a 3 exposure HDR. Didn't capture the full range. Shot -2, 0, +2. Needed at least another at -3. Played with it in Topaz to salvage something of the shot. Really doesn't look like HDR, but I like it. Coments welcome. TFL
the white streak is very distracting, our brain goes to white and that is not what the photo is about,
It's an interesting abstract as it stands. Nothing looks natural about it except the sky and ridges.
personally I don't like it. that whole bottom part is just not attractive no offense just not my cup of tea.

on the positive side the sky in not bad. Probably would look better if you crop out the bottom part and make it a panorama.

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