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Jun 15, 2006
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I'm look for some soft ware that will let me view all the images in a selected folder. I'd be able to select the number images to be viewed on screen at the same time. Then auto scroll thru the pics. For example if I displayed 4 images at once the images would scroll like so, Start with No1, No2, No3, No4, No1 drops off, No5 added, then No2 drops off and No6 is added.
What file type are the images? The easiest thing I can think of, if they are jpg, is set your view type in windows explorer to thumbnail. You can also get thumbnail views with Irfanview. I think what you are asking for though, with being able to select the number of images to be displayed at a time, might be hard to find.
The images will be jpeg. Also, if I display 4 images I want them to fill the screen.
one i use is Zoom Browser which came with my Canon 350D.... it allows you to view one/two/three or four images on the screen at once at a reasonable size- a lot bigger than thumbnail images... it is great for when you have a handful of similar pics and want to view them together to pick the ones to keep/delete. Hope this helps xx

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