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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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Who here plays an instrument?

I started the violin at age 12.

I played guitar and sang in a ska band that broke up because the drummer was in love with this girl that I have been married to for nearly 4 yrs now. When we got together he flipped even though she told him many times that she wasn't interested. That was at our 2nd to last show. I call her Yoko Heather now :lol:
I play guitar and bass (well, used to play them a lot more than I do now) and had fun with a couple of bands (believe me, I use the term lightly) around high school and a little after. Haven't really played much at all over the last few years, just feels like I don't have the time.

We played a club a couple of times, but some people ended up wanting to be rock stars and take things too seriously. After that, I left...and the rest of the guys split up a little while later.

Now, instead of being the rock star the others envisioned us to be (riiiiiiiight), I sit behind a desk all day. Hmm, maybe they had the right idea after all! :roll:
I've played guitar for a number of years. I never had the rock star delusion...but I know a lot of musicians and get to sit in with them periodically.
guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, mandolin, banjo.... kazoo.

i have a fender telecaster, an acoustic alvarez, a pearl export drum set, and a gibson mandolin.

been playing for 14 years on most all those.
how bout those apples? :wink: :wink: :wink:

I haven't got a musical bone in my body but hubby plays bass, guitar, drums, keyboard and didgeridoo! (No, not all at the same time, although he has been accused - by me - of being an octupus in the past!!).
yeah chase!! usually i play them all at once and have my case opened for people to make donations. then I take the money to local liquor store and get hammered on something strong and cheap. then the next day I start it again. its a viscious cycle.


yeah, or good old mad dog. gona make purple jesus in a trashcan this weekend... :oops:


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