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May 29, 2008
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Like in Game of Thrones, "Full Frame is coming..." Here's a borrowed spy photo from PF

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Yeah, the parent company announced a FF Pentax d-slr in early February of 2015....Ricoh announces development of long-awaited full-frame Pentax DSLR

They showed their mockup the next month in the UK at Photograph Show Pentax Full Frame DSLR Hands-on Photos | PhotographyBLOG

The styling of it looks somewhat reminiscent of the old Pentax 6x7 120 rollfilm SLR of the late 1960's-1970's-1980's era! Especially in the right grip side to left side ratio look, and the lens mounting area, and the top of the prism! The "peak" on the prism is a rather old-fashioned, Nikon F-like look. Interestingly, SONY's Alpha 900 had a similar, retro, Nikon F-like prism look. But this has a lot of the Pentax 67 look, to me.

This new Pentax above shows some nice touches: look at the FIVE user preset detents on that left hand dial!!! Woo-hoo! FIVE user presets, on a click-stopped top mojunted dial...OMG...that is a great idea. If I am not mistaken the TAv click-stop setting represents the Pentax-invented AUTO ISO option, where the user sets the desired Time value AND the user sets the desired Aperture value, and the camera "makes that happen"!

Like all Pentax cameras, this one will probably be a wonderful camera for photographers, and it will feel and act like a camera made by a camera making company--not like an alarm clock or computer made by a consumer electronics or stereo or TV manufacturer.
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This thing has been rumored since 2012, and then finally announced for an October release... only to be pushed back to "Spring 2016". Leaks suggest that they weren't completely happy with something, so they changed that part or system, and are testing and adjusting the production train to suit. Sensor? Feature? Discovered weakness? Who knows, Ricoh is always particularly secretive. But it sure does look like a winner! They are shoring up the lens line up as quickly as they can, as well. Kinda exciting to me, as a Pentax faithful since the SLR days. Alas, I really don't NEED a FF, but that sort of fact has never stopped me, though. Yeah, TAV is useful sometimes, for sure. My K3 has 3 User presets on the left dial, and K-S2 has 2. I'm a back-button focuser (when I'm not using a manual lens, that is), and I like to dedicate one user setting as a kind of default front-button focusing automatic deal, for those rare times I might want someone else to use my camera for a frame or two, haha- just a twist of the dial and they're all set.
I wonder what the 3rd top dial is for? The top display seems reduced in size, hmm. And some of the settings on the middle dial are mysterious, as well... :icon_confused:
I wonder what the 3rd top dial is for? The top display seems reduced in size, hmm. And some of the settings on the middle dial are mysterious, as well... :icon_confused:
It would control what is selected on the middle dial. So you could turn it to ISO and have a three control wheel setup.
Also no flash and built in gps with astro tracer. That photo doesn't show it but the screen twists around somewhat, not just up and down.
Like the K3II. Some are speculating that the display is a removable touch screen remote. God, I hope not, but it would be an explanation for the seeming over complexity of the mounting. They could have kept it simple like the fully articulating one on the K-S2 and saved cost.

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