Must Have Ai/Ai-S Nikon Lens?


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Oct 26, 2006
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South Carolina USA
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I'm looking for a Ai or Ai-s Lens just to mess around with. I have attempted to google search to figure out the differences but only see differences in the appearance.

There is a local camera store that has tons of them. What would you suggest that has good results but isn't too expensive. I'm think less that $150. I"m sure I could get a good one for that price. Less would be good.

I was thinking of a 55 1.4. Since they are so old, I don't want to buy the "wrong" one and it have extreme chromatic aberrations or anything funky going on.

Is there one that if I see it for a good price, you would recommend?

If I do recall, I can enter manual lens into my D3 and D300 and enter the focal length as well as aperture and they will meter?


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