My 1st wedding job, a question for you.


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Mar 14, 2009
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I'm just starting out and I have my first wedding job in a few weeks. Its for a co-worker. Anyways just curious if I can get by on what I have, equipment wise. I know its about the photographer, and not the equipment, but just humor me. The list as follows:

2 canon rebel xt's
4 batteries
(6) 4gb memory cards (1) 1gb memory card (1) 2gb memory card
Speedlite 430ex flash w/ shoe cord
(2) ef 18-55mm kit lenses
(1) ef 70-300 4-5.6zoom
50mm prime 1.8
85 mm prime 1.8
(2) tripods
filters, but not really sure you will need those at a wedding
A laptop for backing up of filled memory cards
and thinking about renting a EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS. Can't afford to buy one now.

Any ideas of what I mite else need, to an extent, kind of on a budget. As I said before, I am pretty confident in my skills, but I still see necessary eqipment a must to. Thanks for any input
I think you're fine. Most of the lenses you own aren't very bright, so you might find yourself using the 50mm most of the time. I've never shot a wedding, so I'm not sure if you need to go beyond 70mm.
Don't rent the 70-200.

Rent a 17-55 IS, put it on one body, and put the 85 on the other as your telephoto.
Yeah, they are right, however, how good is the XT.

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