My apologies


Mar 2, 2005
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Washington State
I am currently working on an ancient LCD, and the colors, brightness and contrast are just not up to par. My blacks look pretty grey, so I tried to compensate when editing these...I have NO idea how they really look, though. I will take a look at work tomorrow though to get a better idea.

Anyway, these are all old shots...I just was in the mood to edit. You have probably seen all these before, so, sorry ahead of time!

your blacks look black... (unless my screen is ****ed too :p) It's just that you have a lot of detail in the shadows, that's probably why they can look grayish on certain sceens.
I like the pics, i don't remember seeing them before. #4 is really nice :D
Yup the blacks defintely look black. I like them, especially the first one; it has a lot of nice clean lines. :)

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