My back yard at sunrise


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Sep 4, 2011
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Both shots facing west. A very rare even for the water to be this smooth. These are both parts of stereo pairs. In 3D they are pretty cool.



My eyeballs almost exploded when I opened this.That water is perfectly still! The sky looks amazing (twice), but I think this image might have to be viewed LARGE, as the way I'm viewing it right now (IPhone 4), it's super busy with a bazillion focus grabbers that have my eyes jumping all over the place.

Sick backyard BTW
Right off the back I noticed the dirty sky = dirty water and very grungie/grainy. I dig your back yard but I would have to agree with dominantly on this that it is very busy. Also lacks sharpness.

Not horrible but, I think you should give it another try.
try it just B&W.. no HDR! I think it would be a stunning image! :)
I appreciate the comments. I do have the beginners tendency to overcook the HDR. I know there is more that can be done with this in Photoshop but right now the only post process software I have is Photomatix. I will get more software as funds allow.
Here is a slightly toned down version

Sharpness is certainly an issue. Picture 1 also has a tilt issue. Out of the two pictures, I much prefer pic #2. As for a dirty sky, I actually like it and it's reflection.
I'm liking the second render better.

Looks like the houses are a bit dark, could use a little more light.

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