my brother's prom


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May 31, 2006
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Miami, Florida
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ok, i hope this is the right forum to post this in

so this is the first time i take photos like this, it was my brothers senior prom and they wanted me to take pics of them so i did...





any comments and/or criticism welcome


I like them. I'm no pro, but I think you needed to work with the sunlight more. If you don't have complete direct sunlight, then I don't think you should have any.. For example #2.. The sunlight on the back of her dress Makes the rest of the photo seem really dark. If not for that bright spot the rest of the photo would have been brigther to begin with, or you could have brightened it in post editing. Same for #3.

#4 would have been great if you had a reflector? maybe to brighten their faces some.

I really like #1 though. I think it turned out the best.
Yup, not bad, but I agree with what was said above...definitely need more light on thier faces, and a reflector could have helped. (white posterboard can be used) Really nice job otherwise though! :)
thanks for the comments

well tis was the first time i tried anything of the like and to tell you the truth im scared of lightening pics in i dont know why, but i cant bring myself tolighten pics on ps

ill see what i
the composition is good, its just the exopsure, with the sun tricking meter...
Well, you have them as OTE, if I get a chance when I get home tonight, I'll see if I can do anything...I'm sure others here would be glad to help too! :D
I agree, the exposure needs work but they are pretty good otherwise. One thing to watch is your background. In the first one, your brother has a tree growing out the top of his head.

Don't be afraid to lighten images in PS. In fact, that is often much better than trying to darken them...especially if the areas are blown out white. Try using a levels adjustment layer and/or a curves adjustment layer. If you are not familar with these, do some reading at
im very familiar with ps, and my uncle helps me out alot because he is a graphic designer and his job is basicly ps so he has taught me alot, i dont know why but i always think im gonna mess up the pic by lightening it, i know its reversable but i dont like doing

ill go back and see if i become brave enough to lighten them....

and thanks everyone for the input
I agree with what has been said above. I think you can save #4 by lightening it. It's just too dark. I agree that #1 is definitely the best out of all of them. I wonder if you can try to lighten #2 without lightening the highlighted dress part. Because I really like her smile and pose in that one. In #3, be careful of where the sun is lighting their faces. The top half is lit and the bottom half isn't so it kind of gives it a weird look.
Go ahead! Don't be afraid to lighten them. You'll be so glad you did:)
Hi! nice shots but agree with lighting issues and tree growing from your bros head (otherwise this is my fave). Remember PS is your friend!! xx
They are very nice for prom pictures... your brother is lucky to have you.

But I was going to say the same thing about the tree out of his head and also I agree with the lighting issues especially on the one with the light on the lower portion of her dress

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