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my buddies


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Jul 28, 2004
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The first shot is nice, but the second one really grabs me, with those strong colors, the compo and the lighting.
yea, very happy pics jm, very photogenic buddies!...like the crop on the second :thumbup:
I still think ya'll should let me and Raven have them for a while. :D

First, great photos ... as usual!

Second ... how great is it that they are so close in age? They will always be close ... learning to ride bikes together, playing sports together, chasin' chicks together ... they will share a bond that a lot of siblings don't get the chance to share due to there being too much of a an age gap.
great shots, ofcourse...

the second shot looks like angel hands and angel babies..

i just love this........your buddies are awesome...
Love that last shot. It even looks like they are sharing willingly ;) These pictures make me want to pick up the camera again...and its been a long while since I've wanted to do that.
Raymond J Barlow said:
nice shots JM., those lads are lucky to have such a great Mom and Dad.

Awww Ray, you're too sweet! Maria is lucky to have Daisy and you too! :hug::

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