My D90 arrives today, and I'm open for business tomorrow!!!


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Jan 13, 2012
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No, not really. The camera should arrive today, but the rest, not so much. :sexywink:

I am quite excited to begin a journey into a new hobby. I have always thought photography was interesting, and my grandfather used to be into it quite a bit (35mm and own darkroom). Since he has passed, the family has lost our official photographer. That is my first goal, to be the go to guy for family get-togethers and what-not.

I have already been making a mental list of learning topics (READ THE MANUAL), as well as bookmarking links that you all have been providing to others. Also, I am hoping to take a class at the local art institute by fall. If anyone has anything else to add, feel free.
Thread title got me.The D90 is a good camera and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. The manual is the best place to start, with your camera sitting next to you.There are a few topics in my sig using the D90, the might also help. Don't forget YouTube, which is incredible for help.
Welcome! I was kind of hoping your title was serious. My day is lacking drama.
I opened this thread just to find out if you were:
--About to get slammed around the TPF forum like a ball on a handball court, or
--A beginning photographer with a good sense of humor.

Congratulations on being the latter.
And welcome to TPF!

DAMN! I thought this might be my first time ever to use the popcorn thingy!!!

I am very happy with my D90. Enjoy your camera and have fun :D
Welcome, I am new myself but you will learn a lot on this site, just take all the ball bouncing with a grain of salt, Most have good intentions, the do want to help.

Good luck to you and may God help us ;)

Oh, yes love the D90, nice camera, I have the D200 and D80
Dominantly - All bookmarked. Thanks!

bazooka, sm4him, PhotoTish, Sorry to disappoint in another noob slaughter. I've read enough to hopefully avoid some of the major faux pas.

PapaMatt - Not that I intend on submitting anything for review soon, I will remember to come w/ thick skin when that time arrives.
Camera arrived yesterday. While I was on-duty. :er: Had to help instruct a CE class today, all day. Finally got home, and unboxed 'er. I have taken one shot, and the manual looks HUGE. :D

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