My darkest yet!!


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Oct 5, 2007
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At least I think it is:wink:
its certainly dark!

but i think the colored rope was a bad looks fake.
Totally agree with the above comment. Spoils the image completely. It not only looks fake but like some sort of candy lace???

You have a potentially decent shot there I'd get rid of the colour asap PINK is as far from dark as you can get!!!
Black and White please.

But you want my honest opinion? I don't like it. The hair is very distracting.
As above, the selective coloring is a no-go for me, but that's not an unusual comment...I just don't particularly like it.

My memory is a bit fuzzy sometimes, but aren't you the one with the keyhole and wings shots earlier?

If so, you still have some lighting issues IMO. (tungsten work lights?) The lighting on her front side is overpowering and taking away any detail from her hair from....well all the way down. The highlight of her leg should be more subtle, but there nonetheless. Try diffusing the light with a sheet or something similar as well as pulling it further back (if possible).

What kind of lighting do you have on the noose? I like how it casts a shadow on the opposite wall. Can you do something similar but less intense to the top of her head ( a kicker light) to accentuate the top of her head (hair really)?

Also consider using a bounce card off the main light (camera side) to reflect some light to her right side and give some hint of detail and more definition. Just enough to make out that she has an arm so to speak.

One final thought. Whatever position you are directing your model to be in, be conscience that she not roll her shoulders forward.

I really like your efforts. Keep posting.
Yes, that's me. All these posts are from the same shoot. I was actually going for a silouette shot on this one and missed it. This was my attempt to somewhat salvage the shot for something else. I agree on the pose, I didn't like it either.

Now confession time. There is no light on the Noose. It and the shadow are all PP.

Thanks for you tips and comments, I really appreciate them.
Thank god you changed it to b/w, I was laughing my ass off.
the noose looks photoshopped in, also the hair does take away a lot from the shot, perhaps if it had been more hidden behind her exposing more of her neck to the shot.
Nicely done. Love the idea behind this one. :thumbup: Keep em coming man. Your on the right track. :)
Its good work but I don't like the luminosity of the rope even in the BW image... I understand what you've done with the light sources but the rope still looks fake to me ...

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