My Ebay find: A little camera jewelry

Discussion in 'Collector's Corner' started by usayit, May 5, 2008.

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    My impulse Ebay find for the past week.... Bower turret style universal viewfinder.


    Great workmanship and still in good condition. Reminds me of a bit of jewelry. It does look like something made on the 1950s but there is very little information I can find on the web (please share if you know anything). I couldn't pass it up as you don't find them that often in good condition This is all in preparation to find a couple Leica IIIx and Canon screwmount rangefinders for my collection (a Canon IVSB was just recently won and in shipping.. woohoo).

    It has
    - 35,50,85,90,135mm
    - The viewfinder magnifies according to the selected focal length instead of "masking" like other universal viewfinders
    - you can see the selected focal length and paralax adjustment from inside the viewfinder
    - silver chrome finish matches beautifully with typical leica finishes.
    - built in diopter.

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    Awww... Isn't she cute?? Great find!

    That'll go great with a Canon RF. Or a Leica. Post pics of your SBIV as soon as you get it.

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