My father as a first darkroom subject


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Feb 12, 2012
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I am delighted. For the first time after I finally got my darkroom membership approved, I developped all on my own a black and white photograph! I can't tell you what I felt when I saw the image appear on what seemed to be an ordinary piece of paper!

If somebody has a good eye (or bored enough) to look at it - will you please let me know what you think? Since this is the beginning of the beginings I am interested in hearing anything - composition, subject, light, contrast, framing, distractions etc and etc. whatever will help me start moving the right direction!

Many many thanks!

on my monitor it appears flat, and i would burn in that flare on he left edge, our eyes go there first and that is not what you want. Might crop a bit of the right as well.
Dear Ann,

1. What does it mean 'appears flat' ? is it that the image does not have depth? or boring?

2. You suggest to burn - how do i do that precisely over that flare? Just to show how primitive I am in my thinking - do i need to cut out a piece of board with the shape of a hole of the flare and cover over the photograph? Or what are the methods to make sure

3. You suggest to crop - if i cut both sides, would it look better to have a full square instead of the normal 'horizontal' photograph ?

Thank you Ann, for taking the time to respond! i feel i'm learning already
I can't see the image...why is it so small?
flat meaning lack of contrast. which contrast filter did you use?

Yes, you could use a board, i use my hands for most things. Be sure the cut out is 'ragged" and move it as you use it or you will get a halo effect. ALso, don't place a board with a cut out on the paper. Burning/dodging is done all the time. See if you an find a copy of Larry Barletts "black and white photo workshop book, it has a lot of great tips.

In this case it might look better square.
that is just a personal opinion.

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