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Dec 29, 2007
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it's not as dark and scary as some of the stuff in here, but it's pretty dark for me! c&c please!

What a cool lookin building molsen. Would be a great place to make a movie. Is it still in use?
I like it alot. I see so many rectangles, horizontal and vertical lines, the colors are rich and grungy, and the sky helps to set the mood.

What equipment did you use to take this photograph? Camera, lens, filters etc.. Just wondering.

Also seems a little distorted but it doesn't bother me. Why does it seem that way? You can see it at the bottom left and right sides of the building.
thanks for the feedback!

yes, the building is still in use AFAIK. i think it used to be a hotel that was or is being turned into condos.

I used a D50 with the 50mm lens in my sig


i wish i could say i shot it as is, but that'd be a huge lie. it was a pretty bright day, despite the clouds, and the original shot is pretty boring and a little bluer. i made adjustments in lightroom to take the color out of the sky and darken the building. in other words, it wasn't intended to look like this.

I'm not sure about the distortion...this lens supposedly has little to no distortion. it might just be the angle i was at and some of the lines playing a trick on our eyes. i actually tried correcting it in photoshop but was unable to make an improvement. but i definitely see it too
RE: distortion

O.K., I tweaked this picture a little bit more in photoshop and I think I got rid of the apparent distortion as much as I could.


There are two filters I used in photoshop, when hackin around with my halloween images. One is, Midnight Sepia, and the other is just called Midnight. A lot of times , you can apply these and play with the opacity. Ya can get a really cool effect. :)
do those come in CS3 or are they downloadable?
They might be is part of a packaged called...nik color effects pro 1.0 (whatever that means. :lol:) And the other is part of something called Xero. I use CS2, and they are not part of that .
ohhh yea, ok i found them. yea you have to pay for them but they look pretty sweet. i'll search for a free alternative...thanks for the tip

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