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Between darkrooms
Mar 20, 2005
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Also my first stab at dodging, and I almost got it right! Thanks for the help, Sky!


What do you think, Terri? Charlie? Anyone?
Gorgeous! :) You used a #25 red filter, is that right?

So happy it worked. :cheer:
Yeah, a red #25. I forgot to up it from ISO 200 to 360. I believe it was around f/8 at about 1/30 second. 24mm prime on the Canon AE-1P. The grain in the actual print is incredible; it adds to the feel of the image in a way the scan just can't show.

I'll probably scan the color version, which I took at the same time with a 24mm, and upload it later today to compare. It's a world of difference.

I'm going to reprint it, and try to get the dodging around the windshield area better... you can see where I was off with it below the black around the windshield. I'll also burn around the prop tip in the upper right corner. Like I said, this was my first serious attempt at manipulation under the enlarger. The windshield, engine cowling, and the window were all completely black in the first print. I wound up having to lighten them up a full stop... meaning I had to do the nose and engine areas during one 45-second exposure, and the window during a second 45 second exposure. It's trickier than I thought it'd be.

Also, I printed with a #4 filter on Ilford MCIII variable-contrast paper.

Further also: I've got two or three images, which I didn't like quite as well, but I'll wind up printing. I'm shifting my focus from web-display to wall-display. Hopefully it'll key my attention up so I make better images... and have something to hang on my wall and maybe enter in contests. Then, there's always the arts & crafts fair in July....

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