My first Osprey

Raymond J Barlow

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Jan 28, 2005
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Grimsby, Ontario Canada
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I hope to have many more chances this summer, on soooo many birds. Here is just a fly over shot from this afternoon., dim sky, and tough angle makes this shot almost junk, but I was really excited to see one., also a Caspian Tern, another first for me today.

1 Osprey Eagle


2 Caspian Turn


3 I think this monster is called a Grackle


4 And 2 Red-winged Black Bird shots.



I kinda struck out today as my intent was to catch a few Heron shots.. Night Herons are moving into the area., maybe next time.

Thanks for looking.
Another nice series.
I like 3 & 4.

Good luck with those Herons.
great shots, i just love the red wing with the cattail in the shot...awesome work there my friend....

and your osprey....? really cool...
Way to go Ray, The Osprey Time will come! I am after the Baltimore Orioles this weekend up at the Cottage. It might be still early, usually a May thing, but it has been warm.
Nice pictures the colors in 3 just make its eyes stand out
really nice shots!

i have a couple pairs of orioles nest here every year, some of you may know this but some won't.

to attract orioles put out orange halves where they can be seen easily. i then switch over to grape jelly. you can get fancy or you can tack the cut out bottom of a soda bottle to a platform. again, keep it out in the open.

before you start on this endevor you should know that a single pair of orioles will eat 6-8 lbs of grape jelly in a breeding season. i get the 2 lb jars of the cheap stuff!

the good thing is that they will show up every spring right where the jelly container was and start an awful racket letting you know they are back and you had better get out the jelly jars! lol!

So that's what an Osprey looks like up close. We have them here but they're always too far for me to get a good luck at! Nice work, as usual!

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