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Aug 16, 2003
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Toronto, Canada
I got an account with and here's my first post. The picture is reduced to 640x480 from 2048x1536.
Comments welcome..... good and bad. :D


Olympus C730
Night scene mode
I like the idea of the shot, but its let down by the fact that its off centre and the view is tilted slightly.

If the shot was taken straight, and maybe if you could capture more of the arch during slightly higher light levels such as sunrise then I think that would come out better.

Also, just IMHO i'd like to see more of the design at the top of the arch clearer as I feel that it is the main part your drawn to when looking at first glance...
Where is this? It looks familiar! Quite a treatment for a doorway, isn't it?

I think a longer exposure might have lit up some more of the details in the relief sculpture above the arch.

Thanks for posting it!

It was very late in the night when I took this photo. The lighting from inside and on both sides of the arch caught my attention and took the picture.

I'll take another one when there's more light. Yah I'd like to see the details of the arch as well. I'll have to play around with settings and proper lighting.

This is the back door of Ontario's Legislative Building in downtown Toronto.
Thanks for the comments. :)

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