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Jan 29, 2012
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Timmins, Ontario, Canada
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I want to say hello to everyone on these forums!

Well, to make this short, I got into photography right after Christmas when I received my beautiful Canon 7D along with my Sigma 17-50MM in the mail! Photography always intrigued me but man did I ever and still do hate Point and Shoots. I recently acquired two new Bowens 500R monolights for my small living room studio for the moment. Here are some photos that I have taken so far, in my two weeks of experience! Thanks for looking and CC is very welcomed! I hope to be around these forums much more, I have to admit, you guys have a good user base and knowledge members to help out people like me. Sorry for the long post. Now I don't know if watermarking is frowned upon but please let me know.

I am at best an amateur but here are sample images but I know I need a reflector, especially for outdoor shots:



Welcome to the group! They look great! You are definitely on the right path!

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