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Mar 25, 2006
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Washington, D.C.
Nice subject matter (beach, sunset, reflection, birds). But there are a few things that are distracting in the shot: the horizon isn't straight, the sun is blown out and there's some lens flare on the left side. [Hope these comments help. :) ]
BTW, welcome to the forum. I see you're from Washington DC. Are you planning on going to the TPF meetup Apr 7-9? You'll meet some awesome photogs.
Hiya, redefinEDworld, and welcome to ThePhotoForum (which is going to have its first "Big International Meet-Up" in the very Washington DC very soon (see my sig) ... where the aspect of "international" will be firmly held up by yours truly here ;).

I'm glad to see you post a photo here, too, now, after you have browsed a bit and also commented on other people's pics a bit, and yes, this is a nice motif, but as Antarctican is saying, this photo has some "issues", the major ones being the crooked horizon and the white hot, featureless ("blown out") sun. Photographing into the sun is a tricky thing to do, for it is difficult to get the exposure right, and you are very likely to get lens flare ... maybe for this photo you ought to have waited for another 15 minutes or so before taking it and the sun would have been lower and less bright?
Thank you guys for your comment. I took this picture a while ago while in Santa Monica, and I really had no clue about the things you guys mentioned, even now. But I see what you're saying. I'm hoping that by posting some old pictures and looking at ones posted on here I will become a better photographer. Maybe my post "Manhattan Sunset" is better?

Thanks and I will look into the TPF meet-up!
I think I've seen the "Manhattan Sunset" before ... I did not write a comment on that one, though, for all I was thinking was: "I hope I'll get the chance to capture a photo of the kind when I'll be over (in a week from now! :D)" ... but in fact I did write and asked you if you wanted to meet us in DC when we have our meet-up on 7, 8 and 9 April!?!?!

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