My first self-portraits. Beautiful day!


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Dec 13, 2005
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I got a new tripod so I did my first set of self-portraits. I messed with them a tiny bit on PSP as you can tell. The colors are changed a tiny bit and I increased contrast a bit. Since I just switched to digital, I feel guilty altering photos... like I'm cheating... but it's too much fun. Do y'all think it's okay to change photos in PSP/PS?

Anyway, tell me what you think! Thanks for looking! :)





I agree 100% with ElectricHarmony. Those are wonderful shots. That location is awesome for pictures, too. It's tough to do self portraits and I think you did a great job.
I think their good. Is it just me or are number one and number four just slightly out of focus?

I'm rather "purist" when it comes to photos. It seems besides the point to me to change whole things about photos. I understand changing a little here or there if there is a flaw or mistake - like touch up of dust or something... but in general, altering photos drastically just seems silly to me. It can be fun, but for "real photos" (you know what I mean?) I'm a real "purist."

That being said - great photos!
#2 is my personal fav...for some reason, I can see it as a book cover or movie advert
I agree very nice photos!
These are great - and aren't you GORGEOUS! ps:have been mucking around with frame ideas for my shots and these look just like the one i'm thinking of going with! and they look GREAT xx

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