My First Serious Photochops


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Oct 2, 2007
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Here is two examples from the run of old photographs I reshot and then edited to have them in digital format. please let me know what I could change to imporve these, future pictures and maybe my workflow.

The First Set: (Oringinal on the left edit on the right)

The Second Set: (Oringinal on the left edit on the right)
On the second set, you missed the scratch along the gas tank. ;)

When cropping, be careful of placing objects right against the edge of the photo. For example, in the first series, you cropped it so that the tire is resting right on the bottom edge of the photo. I know you couldn't avoid it in the bottom series, but the first one you could've just cloned out the text instead of cropping it out too close to the wheel. :)
pick up a scanner...
You mean these are you first serious restorations. Photochopz are those funny pictures you see floating around the internet. You did a good job on the second photo. As you get better you will be able to correct areas such as the spot on the leather jacket that you left uncorrected. Keep practicing with your clone stamp. Trees can be difficult to clone at first. On the first photo on the top of the left tree your cloning was off. It's a small thing, but you will be surprised what clients/people will notice. For both photos a scanner would have helped. That way you would not have had to crop. For photos in this condition a 300 ppi scan should be good. However for photos in worse condition do a 600 ppi scan.
On the top photo you missed two spots on the trouser leg..and I would lose the pole..There are no wires attached so really has no purpose to be in the shot and it is merging out of the bikes center... The rest of the assessments I concur with..excellent work for a newbie to photchops..LOL

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