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May 25, 2007
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Pays Basque, France
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I spend a lot of my time in the little climbing club of my university. On Sunday, they are organizing a little bouldering competition. It's more an event to promote the gym, with free entrance, food and refreshments, music, prizes for everyone. There won't be that many people anyhow as it is quite small.

I was asked to cover the event as a photographer, as the others are doing all the catering and organization (and they like my photos, plus I am the only one who takes photos). I accepted, called a friend to borrow his dSLR, and am ready to shoot away... I am doing this for free, for the fun, to get known and so that the gym can have a few photos on the internet page.

This is where I have a few questions: I would like to share the photos with the contestants, what is the best way to do it? I was thinking of either giving them a card with my name and email address and then the ones interested would ask me to send the photos (but it would be a trouble finding the right ones) or uploading an online album, and giving out a card with my name, contacts and the web address of the album. People could then go to it and download the photos they like. What do you think of that?

What are the legal issues in the second case, concerning the publication of images of people?
I was also thinking of offering prints for those who want, with a minimal fee covering my costs. Is that advisable?

Any suggestions or advice?

If you are not going to charge make a flickr account for the gym and post them there. Get the gym to print out little handouts with the web address for the flickr account. They could download them from there and then the gym could use it for future photos they might have for events.

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